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Sparkling Clean Softwash Service

We clean exterior surfaces.

Safely and gently killing mold & mildew that causes dark, dirty stains.

Making your home or business look like new again.

Beautiful Home Beautiful Life

Infestations and pressure washing can be costly to your wallet

Believe it or not, your house really isn’t dirty! It’s infested with algae, mildew, molds and fungus. Dust, dirt and all kinds of debris also accumulate on your exterior surfaces adding what we call biomass, on which these microorganisms feed!

Power washing or Pressure washing, the regular method of exterior cleaning, only removes the surface layers of dirt and doesn’t address the real problem – the infestation – so the issue returns over and over again.

In addition, High pressure washing can cause serious, permanent damage to your roof, siding, soffits, eaves and windows.

Benefits of Softwashing

Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions!

Softwash cleaning lasts 4-6 times longer than pressure washing

No fossil fuels. Safe on plants. 100% biodegradeable.

The Process: It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Call for a free consultation.

Step 2

Approve quote and schedule.

Step 3

We make your home beautiful while you work or play!

“Phenomenal customer service and quality results! All I had to do was call and Sparkling Clean took care of everything for me.”

Ariana S.

Beautiful Home Beautiful Life


Five Reasons Why We’ll Earn Your Trust!


Our company enjoys a golden reputation. We are referred exclusively by the most seasoned professionals in our industry. Our references are available by request.


Relying on over 25 years of providing exceptional cleaning services we have established an outstanding reputation of quality, on-time service.


Sparkling Clean Softwash LLC technicians have attended and completed extensive training with the industry’s leading instructors. We are Softwash Systems® certified applicators.


Sparkling Clean Softwash LLC’s cleaning systems are the most advanced on the market. Using the most advanced cleaning solutions for maximum effectiveness providing you with an environmentally friendly cleaning experience.


Sparkling Clean Softwash LLC offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied , we will return at no charge to address that area. If you are still unsatisfied, we will honor our money back guarantee.

Sparkling Clean SoftWash is the East TN area’s premier provider of top quality Roof Cleaning and Softwashing. We take great pride in delivering consistent outstanding cleaning results for your home, business or multi-unit property’s exterior.

We specialize in SoftWash No Pressure Roof Cleaning. This valuable service treats those ugly roof stains like the pest they are by attacking and killing the algae and mold growth that causes unsightly roof stains and streaks while saving you thousands off the cost of roof replacement!

Please take a few minutes to browse through our services to see all of the safe, fast, and affordable ways we can make your home, business or multi-unit property look like new again!

“Great Leadership = Great Company!! Randy & Amber care for their clients and require the best from their team. You will be impressed AND you will want to share this great company with your friends!! Great services provided by people who CARE. “

– Cheri Perry

Home Exteriors

From top to bottom

Don’t let dirt, grime, and mold destroy your home’s beauty! We offer a wide range of safe and effective Softwashing services to properly clean everything from siding and stucco, to gutters, driveways, patio, decks, and fences.

Softwash House Washing

Refresh your home’s exterior with our house washing service.


Gutter Cleaning

Clean your gutters and keep them flowing, free from clogs and debris that collects over time.


Softwash Concrete Cleaning

Perfect for patios and driveways. Restore those surfaces to look like new.


Softwash Deck & Fence Cleaning

Exposed to the elements constantly, we can make decks & fences look new.


Renew your home’s extererior with our softwashing services

Our process is safe and gentle

Roof Cleaning

It’s true – those roof stain aren’t dirt! They’re actually algae, mold, and bacteria that feeds on moisture and limestone in your roof shingles. But before you spend thousands on a new roof, give us a call – we can clean it for a fraction of the cost!

Safe SoftWash Cleaning Process

Our process is safe and gentle for all surfaces

No Risk of Damage to Your Roof

Softwash is a safe method for restoring your roof to looking like new.

Ideal for Shingle, Metal & Tile Roofs

We are able to safely clean all surfaces and all materials.

Commercial & Multi-Units Services

A clean business is good business! Don’t let dirt and grime send the wrong message about your business. We provide a complete line of Commercial Exterior Cleaning services to help you keep your business looking its best year round.

SoftWash Roof Cleaning

Clean your business’s roof, making it look like new.

SoftWash Building Washing

Clean your building’s exterior, making it more inviting.

SoftWash Concrete Cleaning

Clean the concrete areas around your business for instant curb appeal.

Awning Cleaning & more!

Clean your building’s awnings, removing dirt and debris.

Let us help you keep your community clean and beautiful! We have the professional equipment, cleaning methods, and years of experience to handle all of your Property Management exterior cleaning needs – and to fit your budget!

Apartment Complexes

Make your apartment building more inviting for your tenants.

Condominium Communities

Raise the overall value and appeal of your community with our cleaning services.

Townhome Complexes

Your townhome units will look great, bringing in new tenants.

Hotels, Motels & more!

Book more rooms and keep business steady with a clean hotel.

Softwash FAQs

What are the black streaks on my roof?

Those black streaks are algae, called Gloeocapsa Magma. If left untreated for an extended period of time, it can feed on the granules of the roof shingles. This breaks the roof down over time, making it susceptible to damage and water leaks. This leads to a chain reaction which can also lead to water damage in other parts of the home.

However, our softwash treatment can kill the algae, removing the stains from your roof and preventing this eventual damage.

What do Roof Associations recommend for Roof Cleaning?

The American Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA) only recommends the SoftWash method for roof cleaning.  It is a low-pressure method that won’t damage the roof’s surface. The chemicals, soap and surfactants will kill bacteria and clean the roof.

Pressure washing, or power washing is too powerful for your roof’s surface. The shingles cannot withstand the amount of pressure from pressure of power washing. That is why softwashing is ideal for more delicate surfaces, such as a roof.

In addition, powerwashing wouldn’t kill the algae that causes the dark streaks that are at the root of the issue. This means that even if powerwashing somehow was able to remove them, they would come back soon.

How long will softwashing last if I have algae on my siding?

Our SoftWash process should last about 2-3 years before returning.  however, every home is different. Every home has reasons why they develop algae to begin with. The factors that can play a role in how fast it returns are shady areas, moist locations, nearby vegetation, and seasonal climates.

Pressure washing may only last a few months, because that process doesn’t kill the backteria that lives on the surface.

What types of surfaces can you softwash?

SoftWash can be used on siding such as vinyl and aluminum. It can also be used to treat stucco, EIFS, wood, painted finishes, brick, and concrete. Softwash can also treat composite and PVC decking and railing.

SoftWash can be used to treat roof structures such as asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofs, ceramic tiles, stone, metal and various commercial roof materials.

this makes softwash a great solution for cleaning and treating both residential and commercial structures.

How long does it take to softwash a house?

Cleaning times for homes will vary depending on several different factors. Weather plays a large factor, since we cannot provide softwash services in the rain or when the temperature is below 42° outside.

If you have a small home it can take just a couple of hours to softwash it. A medium home can take aroughly ½ day. It can take up to a full day for larger homes.